The green vulcan island

The distinctive, all year round green island Tenerife, the largest and most impressive island of the subtropical archipelago of the canary islands is 300 km to the west of the African continent, on the same latitude as the south of Marocco (28 degrees). The south of the island offers ideal climatic, touristic and from a medical point of view therapeutic conditions for the treatment of psoriasis and other chronical skin diseases. Apart from a few days in the winter, the same applies to the north of the island. A great number of sportive and cultural activities, as well as 2034 sq km of nature with 234 m of coastline with loads of little bays, sandy beaches and cliffs, the highest mountain of Spain which is also the mightiest volcano of the planet (Pico del Teide, 3718 m), allows you to enjoy your treatment as if you were on holiday - alone or with friends or family. The geological structures of the island offer ideal conditions for the realisation of the volcano-salt-sun-therapy and the treatment of psoriasis. The climate of the „island of eternal spring" has been praised since the antiquity, and is very mild even in the winter. Due to the short distance to the northern tropic, the sun shines almost directly on to the island and creates sahara like conditions, especially in the south and during the summer. On top of that, the water temperature in the Atlantic Ocean is aprox. 20 degrees Celcius all year round. Tenerife offers a variety of stimulations for every taste: sports, nature, culture, gastronomy (??), shopping etc. Besides the therapeutic aspect, all these things will aid you in having a relaxed stay and improve the state of your skin, body and soul. You don't have to do without it.

Growing Nature
The diverse landscapes of the island with its fruitful hills, green gorges, foggy laurel and eucalyptus woods, wide spread banana fields as well as dry high mountain deserts and bizarre volcano landscapes invite to take breathtaking walks and field trips. You will find gorgeous plants, which you normally only see as miniatures on window sills and have disappeared from the rest of main land Europe. Within the Canary Islands, Tenerife is known as the Galapagos of the plant world, especially due to the variety of plants that only grow here. The network of walking paths covers the whole of the island through nature reserves, the most remote pretty villages and every viewpoint. Guided walks are on offer by the hotel or the sports club within the hotel. Bordering the hotel is the far-stretched nature reserve „Montana Roja" which is home to several hundred breeds of birds, such as the Kentish plover that you can see running up and down the beach in groups. This geologically interesting costal area is of great botanical importance with its more than hundred kinds of plants, some of them threatened by extinction. In the centre of the island lies Pico del Teide - at 3718 m the highest mountain of Spain - snowy and sparkly in the winter, located in the midst of a bizarre crater landscape, the Canadas. You can reach the platform on the top at 3555 m via cable railway to get the best panoramic view across all of the Canary Islands. In the ever-green Anaga mountains, the passing humid trade clouds have managed to breed one of the last existing laurel woods. The trenched Teno-Massif in the north-west with its sometimes inaccessible deep gorges (barrancos) offers fantastic views on the sea and the neighbouring islands La Gomera and La Palma.

There's so many ways to spend your spare time whilst in therapy: concerts at the Auditorio of Santa Cruz, exhibitions at one of the many museums, a visit to the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the old town of San Christobal de la Laguna with its churches and cathedral, or the round the clock entertainment of the tourist centres Las Americas, Los Cristianos and Los Gigantes. There's parties and festivals across the island and right at the hotel you have a variety of courses for drawing, painting, crafts and Spanish on offer.

Tenerife offers a myriad of activities and courses from mountain-hiking to bathing, scuba-diving, swimming and wind-surfing. You can take a sailing or motor yacht out to the sea from many of the towns and villages. Fishing or, for the more adventurous guests, paragliding and sky-gliding can also be done. Classics like squash, tennis, golfing, bowling and horse-riding are all within easy reach of the hotel.

Botanical gardens, zoos and theme parks
The biggest and best known botanical garden with a huge orchid garden can be found in Puerto de la Cruz. There's further botanical and zoological gardens, a parrot zoo and a butterfly garden. Boats go out on the sea to watch dolphins and whales. After visiting the fun pool in Las Americas, you can go go-karting or miniature golfing. You can take part in skat or chess tournaments, or go to the casino if you fancy gambling. And after you've done all that, you can go to Pueblo Chico in La Orotava, to look at a miniature version of Tenerife.

There's loads of shops, markets and antique markets and even a night market. Shopping malls with something for everyone can be found in Santa Cruz. You can find local art and crafts, pearl jewellery and typical canary food all over the island.

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