The volcano-salt-sun-therapy is a brand new form of treatment for people with chronical skin diseases. It treats mainly psoriasis which has been proved to disappear after a four-week treatment in the majority of cases with no follow-up symptoms for several months. The volcano-salt-sun-therapy consists of three medically effective shares that compliment each other ideally. Depending on the condition of the skin, those three shares are combined flexibly and applied to each patient individually.

The foundation is the helio therapy. Sun baths are applied individually according to the amount of ultra-violet radiation (UV) as well as type of skin, pre-tan, medication etc. UVA- and UVB-intensity is adjusted by using special light protection filters and changing altitude between sea level and the high mountain area of Spain's highest mountain (the Teide at 3718 metres). Die UV-doses are controlled and documented on a regular basis.

The thalasso-therapy supports the dermatological effect with sea salt baths in the Atlantic ocean and sea water pool or by application of special sea salt creams. The applied salt has settled for thousands of years and is cropped at specific places on the Canary Islands especially for the therapy. According to diagnosis and grade of the skin disease, special volcanic additives stop inflated skin abnormalities and heal them up quicker. The saline solution is added with parts of special volcanic soil. These are e.g. sulphuric or mineral volcanic decomposition product from special geologically explored regions of Tenerife. These special local therapies can be applied in the form of baths or aerosol applications. For a long term stabilisation of the skin we add special, dermatologically tested body treatment products. To secure mobility, each patient receives their handy, sportive and especially manufactured therapy bag that holds the most important local therapeutics to be used throughout the day. The use of these products is harmonized according to the individual skin sensitivity to sun, the grade of psoriasis and other medical factors of the patient. By help of an easy to understand daily or weekly instruction plan, the patient can take part in the therapy away from the hotel, e.g. on the beach instead. The sun, salt and mineral additives can be combined ideally that way, to secure a satisfying improvement of the skin.

Before we begin the therapy, we determine the skin type and sensitivity as well as grade of the psoriasis. We also take a closer look at moles and non-pigmented skin abnormalities. To support the volcano-salt-sun-therapy, we can choose a diet as recommended for psoriasis patients (as follows). We also offer relaxation exercises (yoga, meditation, autogenic training) as well as psychological and cosmetical counselling and treatment by our professional German team. Sauna visits and massages can be booked at the reception. Dermatological treatment that does not apply to psoriasis, as well as consultation of other medical fields can be arranged for any with the chain of private clinics HOSPITEN. The nearest clinic of the island, HOSPITEN SUR in Las Americas aprox. 20 km away from our hotel, has specialists of all fields. The specialists speak German, otherwise you'll be accompanied by professional German translators when consulting.

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